Vodafone One Net

Unified Communications

Being a Ready Business means being there when a customer needs you. Time is precious – your time, your customers’ time, and your workers’ time.

Vodafone One Net

Vodafone One Net Business is the UK’s only cloud-based service that fully integrates fixed phones, mobiles, desktop and tablet connectivity, on a single platform.

By integrating everything it simplifies your communications and means you’ll have a single provider and one contract for all your fixed line and mobile requirements. Here are just some of the ways in which it’s perfect for business.


  • Future-proof system with planned product roadmap of new features and upgrades
  • Ongoing virtual system upgrades – all the latest technology; no on-site disruption
  • Option to have One Net Voice plus business-grade Internet access (up to 90Mb) through one simple Ethernet connection
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  • Set fixed and mobile phones to ring simultaneously or sequentially
  • Get your customers talking to the right person with hunt groups that automatically redirect calls to those available
  • Operator console makes it easier for your front desk to distribute calls within your business


  • Easy self-service management through the online Feature Management Portal
  • New users, functionality and sites can be added virtually and quickly
  • Individual users can manage their own calls and call profiles, whether in or out of the office, using the mobile application
  • Quickly switch all calls to mobile phones or other business sites within minutes to avoid business disruption
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  • A fully secure, hosted phone system located in Vodafone’s core IP-based network
  • Dedicated voice connectivity that is managed end-to-end and monitored 24/7 by Vodafone
  • Ability to manage business continuity and reduce risk in your operations

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