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What type of Virtual Landline Number
would you like?


Numbers starting 01 or 02


0333 Number

Business Rate

0844 Number

Local Rate

0845 Number

Virtual Landline Number on multiple devices

You choose the number, we take care of the rest.

We aim to get you up and running in just a few hours by taking care of everything. Once you have selected your virtual landline number/s we can set up the service and route calls to wherever you need them.

Once set up, you have control of your number routing through your online control panel, where calls are managed in real-time. We’re always there to help if you need us.

You have the flexibility to work with several devices, i.e. Softphone, Smartphone App and IP Desk Phone, and change your settings easily with the online control panel.

How many numbers do you need?

You may choose to benefit from several numbers for different departments or to use them for particular marketing campaigns. Your sales team or account team can benefit from direct dial numbers, as well as the primary company number.

We can Port your existing number too

If you have a business number you would like to keep, why not keep them all in one place and benefit from low-cost calls from Cloud VoIP technology? 

Unlimited Virtual Landline Numbers

Your landline number is everywhere

A virtual landline number can dial one or more devices at the same time. You simply choose which device to make or receive your call on.

Mobile Phone App

Android Smartphones and iPhone iOS.

eve Mobile VoIP App

Softphone PC or Tablet

Our app is also compatible with, iPad and Android tablets, preferably with a headset.

IP Handsets

Modern IP handsets and  Cordless DECT are Plug-and-Play. Un-plug from the office and connect at home and you’re good to go.

Yealink T46 business VoIP desk phone

Licences & Features

A virtual landline number can dial one or more devices at the same time. You simply choose which device to make or receive your call on.





  • Boost your credibility with your local or 0800 virtual landline number.
  • Choose an area number 020/0121/01865
  • Create a credible market presence
  • Conduct your business globally
  • Your caller ID is your business phone, whatever device you call from

Calling a business on a mobile number means that you are really a ‘one-man-band’ company and that this can send the wrong messages to prospective clients. Virtual numbers provided by eve Cloud VoIP, not “calls diverted” so additional features like auto-attendant and call recording help to improve your profile and productivity.

As your number travels wherever you go, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world and appear as if sitting at your desk.

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